Seller Benefits

Here are the BENEFITS of Lease Purchasing:

  • It works! We speak from experience. Although we can’t guarantee results, an average of 80% of our tenant-buyers get a mortgage within 6-12 months.
  • We can get you a great price for your home. And you won’t have to pay any Realtor commissions!
  • Debt Relief! How much longer can you continue making mortgage payments on a 2nd house, or a vacant house? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else made your mortgage payments for you?  You can start collecting rent instead of bleeding out cash on your vacant property.
  • You can move on from the property and lose all the hassles of dealing with it.
  • It doesn’t cost you anything for our services. We collect our fee from the tenant-buyer – up front, when we find someone that you approve.
  • You can still advertise the home yourself. If you find a tenant or a buyer before we do, you won’t owe us anything! You are under no obligation. So go ahead and keep advertising the house yourself and/or list it with a Realtor.
  • We work with Realtors.  If your property is already listed, we can still Lease Purchase your house.  Don’t cancel your listing.  Give us a call and we can explain how we work with Realtors.
  • We already have someone who is very interested in homes in your neighborhood.
  • There is always a strong demand for homes that are selling on a Lease Purchase. We currently have over 3,000 tenant-buyers in our database & get over 300 hits a day on our website.
  • Tenant Buyers have an ownership mentality.  Tenant Buyers take care of the property better than regular tenants.  They pay on time, take care of all repairs, and won’t call you to fix a clogged toilet late at night.
  • We carefully pre-screen all our applicants for you. We run a complete background check, call all their references and previous landlords, verify paychecks and employment, etc. Our mortgage broker reviews all our applications and tells us if he thinks they will be able to get a mortgage in 12 months or less. If they can’t, they are not accepted into our program.
  • Our Tenant Buyers work closely with our Mortgage Broker in their Credit Repair Program during the Lease Purchase period.  We don’t just put a tenant-buyer in your house, forget about them and walk away. We actually work with the tenant-buyers and hold their hands throughout the Lease Purchase period to help them repair their credit and get permanent financing.
  • We report our Tenant Buyer’s rent to the credit bureaus. No one else in St Louis does this that we know of.
  • You get to keep title until the Tenant Buyer actually buys the property.
  • You retain all the great tax benefit of ownership.  So you still keep all your tax deductions and then some – mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation. (Seek a tax accountant for professional advice.)
  • If you want us to show you how to find your own Tenant Buyers, we can do that too through consulting.  We can show you how to fill your property in 30 days or less.
  • Above Market Rent, top sales price, repairs taken care of, top market rents, no RE commissions… enough said.

Bottom line – we can save you money, sell your house faster, and get you full price.


“Before Joe’s company helped me, I had no idea what “Lease Purchase” meant. The more I learned the more I understood that this was a great option for me. The process was simple, clearly laid out, and only 3 weeks into the offering, we had 5 applications and two serious applicants. We closed with a great candidate 4 weeks after the sign went in the yard. In today’s economy, this was a great option for me and I have provided a great home to a great candidate who may otherwise had to rent an apartment. I moved the property much faster than I would have through a traditional buy/sell transaction, and avoided paying a realtor commission. This was an all around win-win.” – Kate F., O’Fallon MO


Note: We do not act as your real estate agent in these transactions. We are investors who are buying the property on an Option Agreement and then selling the property and/or our interest in the property.

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