Why Are Acoustic Engine Blankets So Effective For Soundproofing?

Constant exposure to noise can be harmful as well as irritating. It can affect the senses and have a negative impact on reaction battle camp hack cheats speeds and spatial awareness. Noise can also distract us and cause us to take our eyes off the task in hand. This is particularly true for engine and machinery noise. Constant exposure to the noise generated by the whining and rumbling of engines can really get us down after a time, making journeys tiresome and tedious, and making our work life a chore. But just because it抯 a fact of life doesn抰 mean that we have to put up with it. Why should we be forced to accept this constant irritation? Well, the good news is we don抰 have to put up with it any longer: there is a solution to the problem. Manufacturers have now produced acoustic engine blankets that have been shown to help reduce the noise of engines in vehicle, industrial and marine environments and give us all a better quality of life.

So what are acoustic blankets and why are they so effective for share this site soundproofing?
Acoustic engine blankets are constructed using a combination of lead, acoustic foam and a Fortaglas fabric covering. All of these individual components help to reduce engine noise: however, collectively these components can make a significant difference to noise transmission, whilst also protecting against the risk of fire. Acoustic Blankets are manufactured using a sheet of Lead, sandwiched between two layers of Class “O” open cell acoustic foam. This is then covered with Fortaglas fabric, which is oil and water-resistant, and has a 350 degree centigrade combustion point, giving the added benefit of more than adequate fire protection.

The science of the blanket is surprisingly simple to understand: the Lead layer acts as a block to the source of the sound, in effect a suppressor, and the foam works by absorbing any airborne sounds. The acoustic blankets are manufactured in three sizes for use in vehicle and marine engines and come complete with brass eyelets that can be attached to a water pipe. We also manufacture custom-designed blankets for all types of applications, which incorporate Velcro fastenings, cut outs and holes bound for extra strength.
What types of acoustic blankest are manufactured?

Marine engine and generator blankets
Although using traditional soundproofing materials in marine engine rooms can be effective for suppressing noise, the better and more cost-effective option is to fit an acoustic engine blanket or generator jacket around either the engine or the Check our website generator.

Vehicle acoustic engine blankets
An engine blanket is a product designed to get as close as possible to source of the noise: in other words, the engine. Naturally using such a product will immediately reduce and suppress the sounds emanating from the source. The blanket is constructed by sandwiching a sheet of blocking lead between two layers of class 慜?fire-rated acoustic foam. This is them covered with a heat-resistant Fortaglas fabric cover. It抯 worth mentioning that the blanket will not interfere in any way with the vehicle抯 cooling system, as there is still plenty of room for air flow around the engine itself.

Acoustic bell housing blankets
Anyone who has ever driven a Land Rover will know that they抮e not the quietest vehicle in the world. These acoustic blankets are specifically designed to reduce the transmission `whine` that travels up the transmission tunnel on Land Rovers, particularly on older models.
Why choose an acoustic blanket for soundproofing?
The beauty of an acoustic blanket is that it offers superb soundproofing qualities and helps to suppress the rattling noise created particularly by diesel engines, and prevents the noise form travelling to the cab area of the vehicle. All acoustic engine blankets are waterproof, fireproof, oil and grease-resistant, and are bound and sealed and come supplied with brass eyelets for easy fixing